Cold Options:


Traditional Spanish tomato cold soup. 9

Ensalada Griega

Traditional Greek salad. 10


Served with pita. 8

Jamón Serrano

Fermín ham, bread, tomato pulp. 12


Toasted Marcona almonds. 6

Olives Medley

Manzanilla, Castelvetrano,
Cerignola, herbs. 7

Manchego & Membrillo

Quince paste, olive oil, bread. 9


Spanish anchovies, olive oil,
tomatoes, bread. 8

Tapas Per Unit


Ground beef, four cheeses, harissa.

One 7 | Two 13 | Three 18


Spinach, feta cheese, phyllo dough, tzatziki sauce.

One 6 | Two 11 | Three 15

Pincho de Carne

Small meat skewer, mojo verde.

One 7 | Two 13 | Three 18

Pincho Moruno

Spiced lamb skewer, paprika.

One 7 | Two 13 | Three 18

Lamb Mini Pitas

Braised lamb, onion, harissa.

One 8 | Two 15 | Three 20

Vegetarian Tapas


Roasted cauliflower, lemon juice,
paprika, almonds, romesco. 13


Garbanzo patties, hummus. 8

Patatas Bravas

Roasted potatoes, brava sauce, aioli. 9

Wild Mushrooms Cazuela

Fresh local wild mushrooms, garlic,
sherry, served with bread. 15

Meat Tapas

Clams Con Chorizo

Fresh Manila clams, Spanish chorizo, brava sauce, bread. 16

Gambas Al Ajillo

Garlic shrimp, paprika, sherry, bread. 15

Lamb Chops

Roasted potatoes, harissa sauce. 17

Scallops Con Tocino

Bacon-wrapped scallops, saffron rice,
mojo verde. 19


Please allow 20-40 minutes for
cooking time.

Paella Mixta

Spanish chorizo, Manila clams,
chicken, grilled prawns, saffron broth,
rice, paprika, aioli.

Small 59 | Large 99

Chicken Shawarma

Shawarma style free-range chicken,
rice, veggies, harissa and tzatziki. 24

Lamb Tagine

Braised Moroccan-style lamb,
ras el hanout, dried apricots, veggies,
rice, and harissa. 29

Best Pincho Moruno in Seattle.
Best Tapas Dish in Seattle.

Pincho Murano (Pork skewers, spices, brava sauce)

GAMBAS AL AJILLO Garlic shrimp, paprika & spanish brat

Best Empada in Seattle.

A mouth-watering photo of Empanada, a mouth watering combination of ground beef, four cheeses, and harissa.

Croquetas De Bacalao
A  Croquetas De Bacalao , a mouth watering combination of Salted cod, potatoes, cheese, mojo verde.

Pixto de Pollo - Small breaded chicken bites with harissa

PINCHO DE CARNE Small meat skewers, served with mojo

Best Spanakopita in Seattle.

SPANAKOPITA , a mouth watering Greek savory spinach pie with feta cheese.

Croquetas De Bacalao
A  Croquetas De Bacalao , a mouth watering combination of Salted cod, potatoes, cheese, mojo verde.

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